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We know how frustrating it is to have your computer break down and interrupting your busy schedule.  The average PC has so many vital documents, 

photo and music collections – our whole digital life is stored on these machines!  We also use PC for everyday services such as internet banking, online shopping, communicating with clients, and more.  It’s become a necessity in our everyday life and business.  This is why we have developed a world class technician dispatech and client management system so that we can respond more quickly than most vendors, but also offer quality follow up support and services.


We value your time and understand that it is very important, so we respond to your calls quickly and waste no time in repairing your systems after a quick yet thorough diagnosis of the issues.


What you can expect from our computer repair service


We deliver on repairing the issues that your computer(s) or network is having.  Our friendly and professional technicians will diagnose your system to determine the cause of the problem.  We don’t put bandage on the issues, which will cause more problems.  We prefer to find the root of the problem and correct it.


In addition to correcting the problem, we sit down with you and explain what happened and how to prevent similar situations from occurring; providing you with the necessary training and knowledge you need to help keep your computer running smoothly.


Most of the problems that occur with your computer(s) and network may be fixable on site so that you can get back to your daily routine.


Our services include but not limited to the following:


 1.  Backup and Recovery

 2.  Computer Repair

 3.  IT Consulting

 4.  IT Outsourcing

 5.  Managed IT Service

 6.  Monthly Preventive Maintenance

 7.  Web Design

            and much more….


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