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Outsource IT services have returned to the folds as businesses scour to save dollars in this slow economic recovery. 
Our team of experienced technicians work as an integral part of your IT organization, proactively monitoring and managing 
your IT infrastructure.  Our work enables your business to focus on what’s most important: your business processes. 
It means maximum system availability and minimal service disruption to your organization, customers and constituents.  
We respond to business requirements and market opportunities quickly by overcoming aging, inflexible infrastructure.
Business growth comes from a relentless focus on customers and business innovation—and IT must do its part. 
When it comes to the IT infrastructure that makes the business run, that means three things: shift spending from 
operations to innovation, enable agility and manage risk. TechStar IT Service Outsourcing help you do that. 
We bring expertise, automation and our best shore delivery model to drive down costs. We provide flexible, adaptive 
technology and multiple sourcing options to help you respond to changing business demands. We enable compliance, 
security and business continuity to reduce risk. And when you need to move quickly on new initiatives, we back you up 
with our team of experts and our technology partnerships.

Our Goals

1. Create comprehensive Body of Knowledge on IT Outsourcing throughout the Tampabay area and beyond
2. Benchmark current/future demands, trends and challenges of the IT Outsourcing
3. Explore innovative business/service delivery models in terms of their cost effectiveness and abilities to meet 
    clients’ business/IT needs and expectations

We Offer

1. Top quality quantitative and qualitative IT Outsourcing market research and fieldwork services
2. Evaluation of  Tampabay’s IT Outsourcing services providers and their factual capabilities to deliver innovative 
    technological solutions on time and on budget
3. Free consulting services for companies planning to outsource IT/software development functions and/or change 
    their current IT Outsourcing strategy/engagement
4. Ad-Hoc IT Outsourcing strategy development and full-cycle support

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